1. We accept online orders using the following payment methods— Net Banking, Credit and debit cards, UPIs, and Wallets.
  2. Note the following: to purchase by Visa and MasterCard, you must provide your credit card’s 16-digit number, expiry date as well as a 3-digit CVV code (on the reverse side of the card) when you conduct an online transaction with a credit card.
  3. It is also recommended to have enrolled in your Credit Card with VBV (Verified by Visa) or MSC (MasterCard Secure Code) to complete the transaction. For American Express cards, you must provide the 15-digit number of your card and a 4-digit code.
  4. The Credit Card transaction may appear on your bank statement as a transaction for National Sales
  5. If the amount was debited from your account, contact our customer service team if you haven’t received online confirmation from us. Please will provide the following details:

a. Order Reference Number.

b. Amount debited using your registered Email ID.

c. Date and Time of Transaction.


  1. Shipping and handling costs are listed at the time of checking out, and customers will be informed about it prior to making payment.
  2. When your order has been verified and sent out, you will receive an email containing the tracking number and courier company information. We typically dispatch orders within 1 to 4 business days in Normal Condition.
  3. The estimated time for delivery may vary from state to state. Days not including Sundays, Saturdays, and holidays are regarded in terms of working hours. Delivery of products may be delayed due to causes related to logistics. Delivery period specified shall always be Non-banding.
  4. Major unforeseeable operational disruptions, delays in delivery or non-delivery by our suppliers, as well as operational interruptions owing to a shortage of raw materials, energy or workers, strikes, lockouts, traffic disruptions, official control measures and cases of force majeure at our company or our suppliers shall cause the delivery deadline to be postponed by the duration of the hindrance to performance, insofar as such events are relevant to our ability to deliver the goods. We shall without undue delay notify the customer when such hindrances begin and end. If delivery is delayed by more than one month as a result thereof, both we and the customer shall be entitled, with the exclusion of damage claims, to rescind the contract in respect of the quantity affected by such disruption to delivery.
  5. If you purchase our products during the Mega Sale event, dispatches could be delayed due to an increase in volume. We aim to deliver all orders within 7 days after the date of purchase.
  6. Split shipping is completely standard, and it is just that different components of your order might have shipped from different warehouses across India. You can rest assured that you will only have to pay for the COD or shipping charges, if applicable, for the first package you receive.



  1. To protect the safety and health of all our clients, there may be delays in the dispatch of our products and deliveries due to limitations in logistics due to COVID-19. In such instances, unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver or dispatch times and ask you to be patient with us.
  2. CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) choice is offered for all items subject to availability promotions and offers.
  3. We take great care to ensure the security of our products and their packaging when we ship them. Our products are packed in boxes, and each product is wrapped with bubble wrap. Items that are fragile like bottles are secure by bubble wrap.
  4. If the item is damaged or damaged, don’t accept it.
  5. Orders made on the second weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, will be delivered within 2-3 working days.
  6. If an order is changed with delivery information, the purchaser hasn’t received the package. The same needs to be communicated to our customer service team by phone and email in 24 hours from the notification of delivery. You are required to allow 2-3 days to inquire through our courier partners.
  7. All claims relating to damage or shortages should be reported to Customer Service within 24hrs of the date of delivery. Three working days are needed to review and investigate your request if the shipment has been tampered with or damaged, not accept it.
  8. If our reverse pick-up service isn’t available at your location, you’ll have to ship the item yourself using a trusted courier partner.
  9. We do not take responsibility for damages caused after delivery, and we are not responsible for any loss of goods following delivery.
  10. The company reserves the right to suspend deliveries to any region of the nation at any time if required.
  11. Products that have an expiration of fewer than 3 months are acceptable for a return which means that the entire value of the item can be returned to the affected individual. Refunds or returns are not accepted for items with expiration dates longer than three months.


  1. Orders dispatched after dispatch are not in a position to be canceled.
  2. Discount vouchers are designed to be used only once and are to be invalid even if you decide to cancel your order.
  3. If there is a need to cancel or return, The refund will be processed following the return of the product to us and the verification of the packaging and product.


  1. Hanoor products are non-returnable due to hygiene/health and personal care/wellness/consumable nature of the product.
  2. If you’d like an exchange or refund request, please send an email containing the Images of the Product, Invoice, Outer and Inner Packaging, and Batch Number [email protected] in the first 24 hours following delivery of your order. We will need between 2-3 working days to respond.
  3. Take a picture of the damaged or damaged side of the item or the packaging.
  4. Please allow 10 to 15 days from the date you return the package for your request to be considered. We will contact you to identify the issue or defect with the item prior to granting a replacement or refund.
  5. You can claim a complete refund or exchange without being charged any additional costs in the event of:
  6. The package is not complete with accessories.
  7. Broken or damaged bottles or packs.
  8. Wrong product delivery.
  9. Expired product delivery.
  10. If you receive the wrong item, we ask you to keep the item secure, saleable, and undamaged in the original packaging. Keep the invoice and original packaging from the manufacturer to ensure the successful return and pick-up.
  11. Returns are not accepted if:
  12. The item is broken.
  13. It’s without an invoice.
  14. It’s with the tampered quantity number as well as price
  15. It’s missing its original package.
  16. Do not use the item you’ve filed complaints about.
  17. If a delivery that was pilfered was delivered, claims for pilferage must be filed no later than 24 hours after delivery of the order.
  18. Once delivered, the product is not eligible for a refund if they fall under one of the following scenarios:
  19. Inability to provide sufficient information regarding the incident.
  20. Not providing snapshots of invoice or packet and the box (if there is any).
  21. Damages resulting from negligence or improper use or application are not covered under our Exchange or Returns Policy. Note that purchases for Festive Gift boxes are not suitable for refunds or exchanges. Refunds or exchanges of items because of allergies are not permitted.


We will be in touch with you to identify the issue or defect with the product prior to giving the refund or replacement.

Refunds will be made via the transfer of funds to the bank. Cash refunds are not issued. Our team will need between 5 and 7 business days following the initiation of refunds for the online refund to be made.

If you use NEFT, it will take us at minimum three to five business days following the refund initiation date to refund the amount. The amount will be added to the account where the payment was made for prepaid orders. It can take between 7 and 10 weeks to reflect the payment on your account.

A NOTE to customers

Fair Usage Policy

We go to extraordinary steps to ensure the user’s smooth experience. But, there are times when we have to be strict in our policy to help our clients better. Even though most clients have legitimate concerns, we’ve observed that we always provide prompt assistance. There are a few accounts that abuse our generous exchange and return policies. These accounts usually return items and refuse to accept our packages or demand cashback on issues we aren’t responsible for. Therefore, our regular customers are denied the chance to purchase the products they want. To ensure the rights to our clients, the customer support team has the power to evaluate, decide and take the appropriate decision at their discretion.

 Impairment & Damages

We are committed to taking the greatest care and responsibility when we send the products we offer to our customers. Your package is checked and undergoes a thorough quality test to ensure we provide you with the best quality product. If, however, you’ve received faulty, damaged, or damaged products from your purchase on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department within 24 hours of receiving your order. Make a note of the following details:

  1. Avoid using the products
  2. Make sure you take proper photos of the product
  3. Keep the invoice in your wallet

If the purchase is made through one of the marketplaces online, report the problem to our customer support team. If this happens, Hanoor is not responsible for any harm caused.

Change of Packaging

Packaging bottles, packaging, and communications at Hanoor are constantly evolving and undergo modifications that do not affect the formula or effectiveness of their product. The changes are made to ensure a seamless user experience and in accordance with government regulations. The appearance and location of icons or labels that represent the product’s information could differ in accordance with government regulations and rules. There could be modifications in the location of the symbols or stickers, but you can be sure that the item is genuine and undamaged.

As part of our new packaging policy, we’re gradually removing the packaging material and outer boxes to make our packaging more sustainable. Therefore, in the near future, you might start receiving products that are not packaged in outer packaging made of paper. This less packaging will not affect the quality or authenticity of the product. The reduction of our carbon footprint will take our step to an environmentally friendly future. We appreciate your joining in our efforts to conserve the environment.

 Suspension of Promotions

Hanoor reserves the right to end any future or ongoing promotions, sales, offers, or giveaways, as well as gifts, for the products, with no liability.

 For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at [email protected], and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.