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Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

Curry leaves for hair

Hair loss has been quite a concern these days. There are many chemical products and treatments that you must have tried to control hair loss. Isn’t it? Well, mother nature has got all the remedies and answers for every concern related to hair treatments. How about using curry leaves for hair growth?. Yes, we are talking about those curry leaves that we use for cooking. Surprising yet true. Well, many people are unaware of the immense benefits of curry leaves for hair care. 

Curry Leaves for Hairs - HANOOR

Do not worry! Now, this blog will guide you thoroughly about how curry leaves help to grow your hair. Many of us often have a plant of curry leaves in our home. But we never thought of using those curry leaves to restrict the constant loss of our hair. Not only hair growth, but you can take overall care of your scalp with curry leaves. If you dream of being the owner of healthy hair, curry leaves can help you for sure. 

No matter how chronic or sudden hair fall, curry leaves are the solution to it. These leaves are natural ingredients and, we all must always use herbal products containing such organic ingredients for our beautification. Suppose you do not know the exact cause of your hair fall. Curry leaves are still beneficial for you because they are effective irrespective of the cause of hair fall. 

Let us now dive into the benefits of curry leaves to stop your hair loss :


1. Repairment Of Damaged Tresses:

The tresses often damage due to an unhealthy diet or for havoc pollution in our environment. The curry leaves are enough to fight the pollutants and free radicals. Yes, free radicals also obstruct the growth of your hair and cause excessive hair fall. 

The juice of the curry leaves is like a blessing for your hair to remain strong for years. If you have strong hair, the fewer are the chances of hair fall. And minimum hair fall means long and beautiful thick hair.

Damaged Tresses HAIR - HANOOR

2. A Good Dandruff Fighter

Dandruff is a fungal infection of your scalp. It damages your hair follicles and, your scalp becomes unhealthy too. Dandruff may occur due to various aspects like dry scalp, conditions like psoriasis and eczema, unhealthy scalp hygiene and many more. 

In such a case, you must use any herbal product containing curry leaves as an essential component. It keeps your scalp healthy with antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. And the more healthy your scalp is, the longer your hair will grow. You can use curry leaves herbal products even if your scalp is sensitive to others. It is that safe.


3.Thick And Long Hair: 

Long and strong hair growth is possible only when you have a clear and healthy shaft. It is what curry leaves exactly do because they are rich in amino acids, vitamin B6, beta carotene, and essential proteins. As of now, we know that these components are rudiment to strengthen the base of your hair, hair shaft.


4. Keeps Hair Loss Under Control:

You may wonder that we are talking about ‘hair loss under control’. Well, the fall of 50 to 100 strands of hair is natural. It shows that your hair fall is under control. But if it exceeds that range, you should be concerned about that. 

But no worries! Because curry leaves contain antioxidants and improve the blood circulation of your scalp. The better the blood circulation in the scalp, the thicker your hair becomes.

Keeps Hair Under Control - HANOOR

5.Hair Growth Process Speeds Up:

You want fast hair growth! Nothing to worry about when curry leaves are here. Many people do not face hair fall but suffer from slow hair growth. So if your hair growth process has slowed down, it is a clear indication of the slow restoration process of the scalp. Your restoration process needs some boost. 

The extract of curry leaves has all the properties to restore the process of your scalp. The application of herbal products containing curry leaves extract releases the clogged hair follicles and enables them to breathe.


6. Removal Of Dead Skin Cells

Sometimes patches of dead skin cells on your scalp do not allow the healthy growth of hair. It even causes thinning of hair. You want to avoid it. Right? So get hold of natural products consisting of an extract of curry leaves for natural hair growth. Curry leaves play the role of removing the dead skin cells of your hair shaft.

Removals of Dead Skin Cells - HANOOR

7. Prevents Ageing Or Greying Of Hair

Grey hair will not look good with long and thick lustrous hair. Right? As we have mentioned earlier, curry leaves are an ayurvedic ingredient, so there are no side effects. But there are added advantages to this. 

Do you have grey hair? It may be due to excess alcohol consumption, smoking, or high-stress level. Now prevent premature hair greying with the use of curry leaves.

Prevent greying Hair - HANOOR

8. Moisturisation of Scalp

Your hair scalp may lack proper moisture, maybe due to rough weather, an imbalanced diet, just having a dry scalp in nature. Whatever may be the reason, dry hair also causes thinning of hair strands and abnormal hair loss. 

Curry leaves in the form of a hair tonic mask can help make your scalp hydrate because they contain enough antioxidants for strengthening each hair strand by increasing the moisture level.


Do you wonder about how to use curry leaves? Here are the forms of application:

I. There are many herbal or Ayurvedic curry leaves hair masks available in the market. Just apply a sufficient quantity of the mask all over the hair at least once a week. 

II. The extract of curry leaves is also available in hair tonic form. Apply the tonic on your scalp and massage it gently with your fingertips. Try to do this 2 to 3 times a week.

III. Apart from using products, you can always create your own. Sounds exciting? It might take some time, but you will be satisfied once you use them. So let us tell you about some excellent DIYs with curry leaves for hair.

Here Are A Few DIY That You Would Love To Try Out: 

  1. Curry Leaves And Coconut Oil:

If you want stimulation of hair growth and avoid premature hair greying, try this one out. 

Boil half cup curry leaves and another half cup of coconut oil in a pan. Wait till the leaves turn black. After turning black, turn off the flame. Let it cool down. Then for storage purposes, use a plastic bottle. Always warm up the oil before each application. It enhances blood circulation and helps better oil penetration in the scalp. Apply it onto your scalp and give a gentle rub with your fingertips.

Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil - HANOOR

Curry Leaves And Curd: 

For strong, healthier, and thick hair, this paste or hair mask is ideal. It even removes dandruff, if present. 

Take sufficient curry leaves(depending on your hair length and thickness) and curd. Mix them well and make a paste of them. Apply this mask all over your hair and wait for at least 2 hours. Then wash it off with water.

Curry Leaves and Curd - HANOOR

Curry Leaves And Hibiscus Hair Pack: 

We all can have long and dense hair, but one of the main factors is the strength of the hair. This hair pack will help you increase hydration and will strengthen your hair. 

Take around a half bowl of curry leaves and hibiscus petals. Blend them into a thick paste. You can customize the consistency accordingly. Do not make it a thin and runny paste, as it will be difficult to apply then. Apply this mask and keep it for 25-30 mins and rinse well.

Curry Leaves and Hibiscus Oil

Curry Leave Water Rinse: 

Frizziness in the hair can easily cause hair damage as it may tend to tangle and is hard to maintain. This rinse can help you with the frizziness in the hair.

Boil around 15-20 curry leaves for about 10-15. Drain the water in a pan and allow it to cool. Once at room temperature, you can use this water as the last rinse on your shampooed hair.

Curry_Leaves_Rinse - HANOOR


So curry leaves not only make food taste better but pamper your hair as well. You can use it in any form you want. It will benefit your hair and its growth. It also helps in removing infections, dryness, abnormal hair loss, and providing luster and strength.

You can use curry leaves for maintaining your hair, be it DIYs or any product that has its extracts in it. One such brand is Hanoor that has a luxurious collection of herbal products in India that give a pure essence of Himalayan herbs. You can maintain your healthy hair with its natural haircare tips. If you also want the luxury of the best hair care range in India.

We hope that our article has made you understand the importance of curry leaves for hair growth

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