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Side Effects of Applying Egg on Hair

Side Effects of Applying Egg on Hair

An egg includes almost all the important amino acids that are needed by the human body to produce proteins, which are the building blocks of our hair, body, nails, and almost every other part. Protein is your best pal, and egg is one such superfood that is used rigorously in cooking.

Eggs have been utilized by women for their hair treatment for a number of decades now. Mostly, on an honest basis, it’s the egg yolk that works on your hair. Nonetheless, the hair experts claim that the whole egg can be utilized for the hair.

But, apart from the kitchen utility, eggs also play a major role in our lives. But, remember that this technique is not always a boon. There are also side effects of Applying Egg on Hair. In fact, the raw egg has millions of infection-causing viruses and bacteria which only get draughted by heat. The majority of these infections are a result of applying egg whites on your hair, and not exactly the yolk.

How to Use Egg for Your Hair?

You can use egg for your hair in the form of:

1. Hair Mask: You can produce a hair mask by mixing up olive oil and egg yolk to get the most benefits out of egg yolk for your hair. Also, you can just utilize a full raw egg without blending it up with anything else. You just need to mix the egg and oil composition. Remember to use gloves and then put the egg mask on your hair with your fingers. Always remember to coat the upper portion of your scalp and the ends of your hair completely. Now let the mask sit on the hair for an hour or two before finally washing it with cold water.

2. Your Regular Diet: Once can also try to incorporate eggs in our daily diet as a manner to get healthier and better hair. Ingesting eggs for your breakfast can upgrade your overall nutrition by providing you with Vitamin B, and protein. The more you nourish your body by eating eggs, the shinier your hair would look.

3. Supplement Tablets: There are tablets available in the market that is the purified and refined versions of egg yolk proteins. You can try out these supplements to get the benefits of rich nutrition inside the egg yolks without even eating it or using it as a hair mask. The U.S. Drug and Food Administration never monitor the quality and ability of these supplements. Hence, always consult with your physician before you start infusing it into your schedule.

Types of Egg Hair Masks

Some easy egg masks for healthy hair are:

1. Vinegar & Egg Mask:

For preparing this mask you need, one egg, one tablespoon olive oil, and one tablespoon vinegar. Firstly, you need to mix up all the ingredients to form a smooth paste. Then, apply it on your hair and leave it for 40-45 minutes and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo with cold water. You can repeat it once every week but do not overdo it as it can cause some side effects.

2. Mayonnaise & Egg Mask:

It is also termed as a cheap treatment. You need to blend half a cup of olive oil, one egg, and half a cup of mayonnaise well to form a fine paste and then apply it to your hair and leave it for one hour or more. Wash the hair after it’s dry.

3. Egg & Banana Hair Mask:

For this you require, one ripe banana, two eggs, half cup olive oil, and one tablespoon of honey. Mash the banana and mix it well with other ingredients to form a paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and keep it intact until it dries off. Now rinse your hair with lukewarm water to get the final result.

The Side Effects of Applying Egg on Hair:

Some possible side effects of applying egg on hair are:

1. The overall might get messy, and you can observe the egg-wash dripping and falling down all over you and other places.

2. The smell of egg might be nauseating for you as it stinks a lot.

3. If left in the hair for a long time, the egg won’t come out easily and it could also harden your hair.

4. Raw eggs can provide you with salmonella infection, which is very harmful.

5. In case warm water gets poured on your hair, the eggs would cook-off which can prevent it from coming out.

6. Some individuals might be allergic to eggs and can show symptoms of allergy after using them. They may also develop an itchy scalp because of the drying of egg whites.

7. Be extra cautious while applying eggs to your hair for conditioning. In case it comes in contact with any of the sensitive body parts like the mouth, nose, or eyes, it can cause an allergic reaction. Egg hair masks can also leave an irritating smell that may be difficult to endure.

8. Your hair can also turn super greasy which won’t be suitable for your hair in the long term.

9. Ingesting egg yolks in high quantity can add up your possibilities of developing heart ailments as it is high in cholesterol proportions.

Few Benefits of Applying Egg on Hair:

1. Putting an egg mask on your hair comes along with a lot of benefits such as:

2. It saves both your time and money. It also does not cost you much and the application process is super easy.

3. An egg has a lot of protein which will make your hair thicker, shinier, and stronger and would also stop them from breaking and getting damaged. You also observe that the split ends are also vanishing with regular use.

4. Egg mask acts as a natural conditioner that moisturizes your hair and keeps it frizz-free and soft.

Final Note:

Applying egg yolk to your hair can require multiple weeks of rigorous treatment to see the final results. Remember that this treatment might not work for everyone. For few people, it can be helpful, while for others, it can cause side effects of applying egg on hair as mentioned above.

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