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Coconut oil benefits for skin

coconut oil for skin

Coconut oil or dried coconut flakes are used in South Indian cooking. But there are multiple benefits of coconut oil. When all of us are in our respective homes and cannot go to the salon, now home remedies will come in handy. If you do not know, then let us tell you that there are many Coconut Oil Benefits for Skin too. We use many beauty products for our skin, but there are many things at home by which you can take special care of your skin.

Is Coconut Oil Good for face?

We all want perfect skin and we make every possible effort to make our skin healthy and beautiful and nothing is better than coconut oil when it comes to skincare.

Yes! Coconut oil is good for your face.  It is a very common product, but it can still work like magic. It has been discovered and science also said that coconut oil is good for the skin

Almost all the properties that keep your skin healthy are present in coconut oil. Fatty acids are very beneficial for the better health of your skin. Coconut oil contains many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Various Fatty acids found in coconut oil:

-> Lauric acid

-> Myristic acid

-> Caprylic acid

-> Palmitic acid

-> Oleic acid

-> Linoleic acid

-> Stearic acid

Coconut oil benefits for skin

Although inner beauty matters more than outer beauty, yet people pay a lot of attention to different ways to enhance the beauty of their faces. If you are bored by going to the parlor or chemical products do not suit your sensitive skin, then coconut oil can prove to be very beneficial for you. Let’s talk about some benefits of coconut oil.

There are multiple benefits of coconut oil on the skin, some of those benefits are mentioned here.

1. Coconut oil kills harmful germs in the skin:

As lauric acid is present in coconut oil, applying it to the skin kills harmful germs. During the research, it was found that when 30 different types of fatty acids were tested on 20 types of bacteria, lauric acid was the most effective acid in killing bacteria.

2. Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes:

People often have the problem of dark circles under their eyes due to stress or due to late-night sleep. With the help of cotton, apply coconut oil to the area under your eyes. This will not only remove the marks but also makes the skin glow.

3. Coconut Oil Reduces Ignition:

If there is any disease related to the skin, there is always ignition in it. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and softens the skin. According to research, when coconut oil is applied to the ignited ear of a rat, it not only ends the ignition but also reduces the pain.

4. Coconut Oil Eliminates the problem of acne:

If you think that coconut oil can clog your pores and increase your acne problem then you are wrong. The truth is that coconut oil kills acne-causing bacteria better than benzoyl peroxide.

5. It acts as a great moisturizer for dry skin:

When used, it was found that coconut oil provides moisture to the skin and also acts like mineral oil. Another research showed that it also removes itching. So if you have dry skin, bring coconut oil to your home..

6. Coconut oil heal wounds quickly:

Virgin coconut oil can heal your wounds quickly. According to research, the use of virgin coconut oil increases the antioxidant level of the skin and increases the amount of collagen.


We all have very complex skin and we don’t know how our skin will behave for some products. Therefore, always use virgin or extra virgin oil instead of pure or refined oil.

Virgin and extra virgin oils are not refined and they do not contain any kind of chemicals.

Best scrubber:

Coconut oil can also be used as a scrubber in winters to remove dead cells from the skin. It exfoliates the dead layer of the skin. You can prepare your scrub by adding a little coconut oil to sugar.

Makeup Remover:

People with sensitive skin always hesitate before applying any kind of product to their skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can use coconut oil as a makeup remover to clean your makeup. If you remove makeup from coconut oil in winter, then your skin will not be dry.

Coconut oil is not beneficial only for our skin but there are also some great benefits of applying coconut oil on hair and nails.

Some other Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Good for Nail Health:

Nail breakage has become a common problem in women. If you want to get rid of it then start applying coconut oil to your nails. This will not only prevent your nails from breaking but also makes the effect of the manicure last longer.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair:

Increasing pollution and changing lifestyles are directly affecting the health of people’s hair. The problem of hair fall, two-faced hair, and graying of hair has become quite common even among the youth. If you are also struggling with any hair-related problem then coconut oil can help you.

Coconut Oil for Lips:

People try many remedies to keep their lips beautiful, pink, and soft. Some people use lipstick and some people massage their lips with different oils. If you have lost after trying many methods, then try coconut oil on your lips. It has amazing benefits on your lips and you don’t have to use any lip balm or anything else if you use coconut oil regularly.

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