Make The Most of the Saffron benefits : A Magical Herb

Saffron Benefits for you

Have you ever heard of the plant saffron crocus? If not, then maybe you have listened to crocus sativus. Still getting a no in your mind, no worries, we will tell you. This is the same plant with two different names from which the spice saffron is derived. Before knowing saffron benefits let’s know about saffron first. Saffron is generally considered an expensive spice due to various reasons, such as the red pistils of the flower from which it is made are first separated from the plant. They are kept for drying and it is said that it usually takes 75000 saffron flowers altogether to assemble one pound of saffron. 

Also, the harvesting of saffron takes a lot of effort as everything is done manually by hands with extra care to get the full flavor. So is it worth it to purchase such expensive spice? We are sure you may get your positive answer after reading the saffron benefits below.

Saffron benefits on Health:-

Like any other spice, saffron is not just used as a spice but also as a clothing dye. It contains a distinctive color and flavor along with a mesmerizing fragrance. Let us now discuss several benefits that saffron offers us:-

●    Protection from diseases: 

It helps protect one from conditions such as cancer as it helps fight against the unstable atoms that damage our cells and make us ill. This is because saffron provides antioxidants like crocin, safranal, crocetin, picrocrocin, kaempferol, etc.

 ●    Helps in fighting depression or mental illness: 

Nowadays, mental illness and depression are far more the most important topic globally. It is pretty difficult to fight depression but let us tell you that saffron is one of the useful additions in treating depression as it boosts mood. If you are suffering from depression or know someone who is suffering, then taking 30 mg of saffron daily will help you.

●    Curbs the appetite and hence aids weight loss: 

We tend to forget that obesity is the cause of various diseases. Therefore, it is essential for us to maintain our bodies, not for outer beauty but to remain healthy and free from diseases. Saffron helps in reducing the fat mass by curbing the appetite and hence promotes weight loss.

●    Helps in reduction of PMS symptoms: 

By PMS, we mean Premenstrual syndrome. This is a term that tells about the changes, be it emotional, physical, or psychological, that occur in a woman’s body before starting a menstrual period. The symptoms of PMS are irritability, pain, cravings and headache, etc. These all can be treated or reduced with saffron on a daily basis but in a limited quantity.

●    Helps in lowering the blood sugar levels:

Here is another saffron benefit.It helps in raising the insulin level and lowering the blood sugar level. Diabetes is so common these days that you may even find cases of diabetes among the youth. So, it is important to add saffron to the diet.

 ●    Helps promote libido:

Some research has suggested that saffron may increase sexual function in both females and males. Saffron positively affected males on erectile dysfunction and ultimately the overall sex drive by not changing the semen viability. In women, saffron increases vaginal lubrication and hence sexual desire by using 30mg daily for continuous 4 weeks.

 ●    Helps in preventing disorders related to the nervous system: 

As stated above, several compounds in saffron work as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation and start the healing process. Saffron also helps in reducing oxidative damage in the brain, leading to several benefits. 

 ●    Helps in improving memory: 

You might have heard of a disease known as Alzheimer’s. People who have Alzheimer’s tend to forget things and a stage appears where they even fail their closed one. Under Alzheimer’s, the cells of the brain appear to be dead. Saffron has that memory-enhancing power and the regular usage in limited quantities show cognitive improvement in the patient. 

 ●    Boosts immunity: 

The sudden pandemic Covid-19 made us realize the importance of strong immunity power. The people with strong immune systems stood firm in fighting the virus. Saffron contains anti-fungal properties, aphrodisiac properties, diaphoretic properties and carminative properties, making it a magical and marvelous herb. This spice is used to boost immunity.

 We have discussed many saffron benefits on health; now it is time to move on to saffron skin benefits. So let us jump in:-

Saffron skin benefits:-

Nowadays, the modern generation is very conscious of their skin and beauty, so it is essential to know about the ingredients that help them maintain their glowing skin without any side effects. 

●    Acts as an alternative to toner: 

People who religiously follow the skincare routine use toner as a toner helps in closing the pores on the skin due to which pimples take place but let me ask you first what will you choose? An expensive chemical toner or a natural ingredient? A natural ingredient, right. Saffron rejuvenates your skin instantly.

●    Protects you from the harmful sun rays: 

The harmful sun rays’ ultimate cause of tanning. Using saffron helps you smoothen and lighten your skin, and it helps in reducing the suntan and works as a sunscreen for you.

●    Helps in healing scars: 

You might have tried many products to remove the scars and marks left behind on your skin, but you haven’t tried saffron yet. Saffron contains skin recovery benefits and hence eliminates scars.

 ●    Helps in treating acne: 

Acne is one of the reasons for the stress and tension among the young generation. Trust us; Saffron contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help you get clear skin.

 ●    Helps in inducing hair growth: 

You, yourself, might have experienced patchy baldness, or you might have noted it down on someone else’s head. When applied after mixing with milk and licorice, Saffron results in hair growth in alopecia.

There are several other saffron skin benefits, such as it gives a natural glow, reducing pigmentation, acting as an anti-aging quality, fighting inflammation, etc.


Saffron is considered as one of the magical herbs as it contains ample saffron benefits with minimal risk. It can be used for giving flavor to the food and it can also be used to treat various diseases skin and hair issues. All you need to take care of with saffron is that it must be consumed in limited quantities and those, who are allergic to saffron, should consult a doctor first.

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