Hanoor’s Hairfall Control Shampoo- One-stop Solution to Get Rid of Excessive Hair Fall

Hairfall control Shampoo

Don’t we all love our hair? After all, they are the crown we never take off. But one nightmare that keeps us worried is hair fall. Hair fall can be caused because of a plethora of reasons, from poor nutrition to illness. We have a solution for you if you are suffering from a hair fall and every remedy has failed to stop it. We present you with the all-new Hanoor’s hairfall control shampoo. 

Sounds exciting, right? All your hair fall problems will be solved with our brilliant product. So, let’s start by understanding all the nitty-gritty of hair fall.

 How do you know if you are suffering from hair fall?

Are you noticing a large amount of hair clogging your drain or clumps of hair in your comb after every time you brush your hair? You might be thinking that you are suffering from hair fall. But, it’s normal to lose 50-100 hair in a day. Generally, these are your old hair and you would have lost them irrespective of you doing anything. New hair replaces these lost hairs.  

However, this does not happen every time. Take no more than ten hairs in your hand and pull them gently. If two or more hairs are broken by doing so, you’re suffering from hair fall. Hair fall can be increased gradually over the years and even young people can fall prey to this problem. Hence, it’s important to use hair fall remedies when you see the very first signs of it. 

 What causes hair fall?

A plethora of reasons can trigger hair fall, including genetics, surgeries, significant illnesses, and traumatic events. A family history of baldness or certain sex hormones can trigger hereditary hair loss, and it may start as early as puberty.

Some other common reasons for hair fall are: 

● Pregnancy and child-birth

● Discontinuing using the birth control pills

● Menopause

● Alopecia areata, a kind of an auto-immune disorder

● Thyroid disease

● Scalp infections

● Medications of cancer, depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems, and extreme or chemical hair care. 

Now that you know the possible reasons that can trigger hair fall, let’s come to the one-stop solution, ‘Hanoor’s hairfall control shampoo’. 

Hanoor’s Hairfall control shampoo. 

Concerned about hair loss or having difficulty growing your hair? Wondering if there’s any solution for hair fall problems that won’t result in dryness or frizz? Then, you are at the right place because Hanoor’s hairfall shampoo is packed with natural hair growth stimulators like vitamin E, vitamin B5, reetha, amla, shikakai, bhringraj, biotin, procyanidins, and pea extracts. 

Our hairfall control shampoo is a magic formula specially made to relieve hair fall by strengthening your hair follicles and eliminating any kind of scalp infection. The brilliant ingredients are natural conditioners for your hair and thicken them to reduce hair loss. Our shampoo targets hair fall causes and eliminates them within a few washes. 

Harnoor’s hairfall shampoo is a miracle formula made with natural ingredients to reduce oxidative stress and act as a moisturizer for your hair. Our shampoo is known to reduce hair fall while enhancing your hair quality

What makes up Hanoor’s hairfall control shampoo?

Hanoor’s hairfall control shampoo is made with the specific ingredients essential to strengthen your hair and stop hair fall with only a few uses. You can read about all the ingredients here:

●     Procyanidin B2: Procyanidin is found in apple seeds and converted into procyanidin B2 using the oxidation method. It helps in restoring the hair growth cycle by removing any scalp disorder.

●     Biotin: Biotin has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is one of the many vitamins that improve the health of your hair, making them healthier. Hence, we use it in our shampoo to make your hair healthy.

●     Pisum Sativum Pea Extract: Pea extracts helps to strengthen the hair follicle stem cells and shorten the telogen phase in the hair growth cycle. It is extremely beneficial for hair growth as it feeds both the scalp and hair with essential ingredients to strengthen the roots of the hair. 

●     Wheat Germ Oil: Enriched with linoleic acid to nourish the hair and repair damaged hair to prevent hair loss. 

●     Reetha: The strong cleansing properties in reetha soothe the scalp and reduce itching. It promotes hair growth and makes your hair soft and shiny in only a few washes. 

●     Amla: Calcium present in amla improves hair growth by improving hair quality and making them healthier. It is a miracle ingredient to stop hair fall. 

Hairfall control Shampoo

●     Shikakai: Also known as a ‘hair-fruit’, shikakai has been used to cleanse the scalp, nourish the roots, and eliminate dryness, itching, greasiness, and scalp scaling from ancient times. It prevents hair loss while also controlling dandruff and other skin conditions. 

●     Vitamin B5: It is also known as anti-stress vitamin as it helps regulate stress hormones in the adrenal cortex. It strengthens your hair and prevents hair from greying, resulting in less hair loss.  

●     Vitamin E: It reduces oxidative stress and preserves the protective lipid layer. It gives support to the scalp and strengthens it for hair growth.

●     Jojoba Oil: Its oily composition is used as a moisturizer and prevents dryness. It also thickens your hair and prevents hair loss. 

●     Bhringraj: Enriched with vitamin E, Bhringraj is known to increase the number of hair follicles and fight free radicals.

●     Coconut oil: It penetrates deep into the air shaft and moisturizes your hair. It also removes any build-up around your hair and slows down hair loss. 

Why you should use Hanoor’s hairfall control shampoo

Hanoor’s hair control shampoo is made specifically to target hair loss problems and causes. The ingredients present in our shampoo promote hair growth, thickens hair, strengthens hair follicles, and supports your scalp by eliminating any kind of infection.

Among the many benefits of using our hair fall control shampoo, you can consider these few for now:

● Stimulates hair growth

● Strengthens your hair 

● Helps in hair regrowth

● Provides nourishment to the scalp

● Conditions your hair naturally

How to use Hanoor’s Hairfall Control Shampoo

Hanoor Hairfall control shampoo direction to use

Final Words

Don’t waste your time and money on other remedies that will reduce hair fall and may even damage your hair. Try Hanoor’s hair fall control shampoo today and see the difference in only a few washes. The one-stop solution to save you from hair fall and strengthen, thicken and smoothen your hair. 

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