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Home Remedies for Dandruff

Home remedies for dandruf

Got irritated with chemical products! Want to switch over to the home remedies for dandruff, right! This blog has the solution.

Well, a very common hair problem is dandruff. Most people suffer from dandruff nowadays. It may be due to the growing pollution in the environment. However, there are several other reasons for causing dandruff. Please notice whether you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease or not. Because this disease welcomes the tiny flakes i.e., dandruff in your scalp. Secondly, stop taking stress or tension. Because these often cause dandruff. Many people lack the proper method of washing hair with shampoo. This does not allow your hair to remain dirt-free for which Malazessia fungus damages your scalp causing dandruff. Lastly, the application of chemical products severely causes dandruff and other hair damages.

Go natural, go with the home remedies for dandruff:

1.Lemon and coconut oil

  •     Heat coconut oil(2 tablespoons) and give it a good mix with a few drops of lemon juice.
  •     Then give a gentle massage to your hair after applying the mixture on the scalp with your fingertips.
  •     Wash your scalp properly with any mild shampoo after giving your scalp an idle time for 20 minutes.

 So get rid of dandruff permanently with the solution of lemon mixed with lukewarm coconut oil.

Lemon and coconut oil for home remedies for dandruff

2.Neem paste

  •     Make a very thick and fine paste of a few neem leaves.
  •     You need to apply this paste all over your hair and scalp. Allow it approximately 10 to 15 minutes to get it dried up.
  •     Finally, use only water to wash it off.

 Neem has all the properties to kill the fungus of dandruff. Neem is also popular in several ayurvedic hair products.



  •     You need to mix 1/8th cup of water with 2 cups of hot vinegar.
  •     Then apply this thoroughly all over your scalp and hair.
  •     After waiting for some time, wash it off properly with shampoo.

 The medicinal qualities of vinegar not only treats dandruff but removes the dryness and itchiness of the scalp. So vinegar is very popular as one of the best dandruff remedies.

viniger for home remedies for dandruff

4. Treatment with Mehndi

Here mehndi is the main ingredient. You need to mix it with little lemon juice and curd to the extent needed to make it a fine paste.

  •     Do not disturb the mixture for 8 hours.
  •     Then cover the hair with this thick paste.
  •     Leave your hair for 2 hours.
  •     Once it gets dried up, wash your hair properly with water.

 So this was the most preferred and simple way to overcome the dandruff problem. The mixture not only removes dandruff but also moisturizes your hair strands.

Treatment with Mehndi

5.Curd application

  •     Try applying the curd all onto your scalp and hair slowly. Do not put it all at once. The amount of curd depends on the hair         length.
  •     Allow it to dry up for an hour or more.
  •     Then allow your hair to get washed away with any mild shampoo.

 The constituents of curd are capable enough to treat dandruff permanently.

Curd application

6.Green tea

  •     You need to mix 2 green tea bags with some hot water.
  •     Wait for 20 minutes to allow decoction to dissolve in the water.
  •     Apply this water onto your scalp after it cools down.
  •     Do not disturb your scalp for 30 minutes.
  •     Then wash the hair and scalp properly with water.

 The antifungal properties and antioxidants of green tea give you relief from dandruff.

Green tea

7.Egg yolk

An egg is very useful for the health of your hair. But only the egg yolk that remains surrounded by the white layer. Now whisk the egg yolk very well.

  •     Make sure that your scalp and hair are dry enough to apply the egg yolk all over the hair.
  •     Now cover your hair for at least 1 hour with plastic.
  •     Then wash it away thoroughly with the water. It is recommendable to rinse it off well with the water. This process enables the removal of both dandruff and bad odor.
  •     Try to repeat this process with egg yolk for not more than thrice a week.

 Egg yolk is rich in biotin that gives a shine to your hair and considered one of the best dandruff remedies.

Egg yolk for home remedies for dandruff

8.Use of orange peel:

  •     Make a fine paste of orange peel mixed well with lemon juice.
  •      Now is the time to enable the thick paste to cover your scalp.
  •      Wait until the paste dries up.
  •      Now use any mild anti-dandruff shampoo to wash your hair properly.

The dietary fibers, vitamin A, magnesium, and calcium contained in the orange peels strengthen the hair strands and removes the dandruff-causing fungus.

Use of orange peel

9.Fenugreek seed application

Suppose, you want to make the treatment today. You need to soak the fenugreek seeds in a bowl last night.

  •      In the morning before taking a bath, make a fine paste of fenugreek seeds adding a little lemon juice into it.
  •      Allow the paste to cover your hair and scalp
  •      Leave it as it is unless it dries up
  •      Then wash the whole thing using any shampoo. Make sure the shampoo is not harsh to your hair.

 We all know that fenugreek seeds are blessings for our health as it keeps cholesterol and blood sugar low. It also prevents and cures dandruff in your scalp.

 You can also replace fenugreek seeds with methi seeds as they both have similar characteristics.

Fenugreek seed application for home remedies for dandruff

10. Use of basil leaves

  •     Make a fine thick paste of amla powder(2teaspoons), water(2 teaspoons), and a few basil leaves.
  •     Apply the thick paste onto your scalp, and massage it gently.
  •     Now let it get dried up for at least 30 minutes.
  •     Now wash it off clearly with water.

 Basil leaves are rich in antioxidants and their antifungal properties help to treat dandruff from its core.


 All these home remedies for dandruff are available easily. But if you are looking for a product that includes all the above ingredients than Hanoor is the destination that offers you products made with Himalayan herbs. Not only hair care but you can also use Hanoor Himalayan herbs‘ skincare range for healthy skin.

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