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Amla Juice Benefits that will Make Your Skin Like Marilyn Monroe

amla juice benefits

Can you remember those childhood days eating gooseberries or amla with salt and chilly powder? Do you know that amla has lots of health benefits? Yes, you heard it right. Since the ancient age, people are using amla due to its myriad advantages. Even the doctors are also talking about the amla juice benefits, followed by prescribing the same to treat various clinical conditions.

In the household, it is used for many purposes, including making chutneys, pickles, etc. Older adults drink amla juice enriched with vitamin C and other required nutrients for the body. The presence of vitamin C makes it even more potent for treating skincare and haircare issues. Therefore, it acquires a prominent place in the cosmetic industry, showering benefits to the denizens.

Today, we will enlighten you with its properties. To get flawless skin, you must read the following paragraphs. It will be a true elixir for your hair and skin.

1.Reduces pigmentation

Due to regular exposure to pollution and UV rays, your skin loses its firmness. It leads to pigmentation, which makes your skin dull and uneven. Here, amla benefits for your skin to keep it firm and even-toned. As amla juice contains vitamin C, it helps to combat pigmentation.

On top of that, the cooling effect directly works on the body and works as a cleaner. In turn, it will lighten the dark spots. Finally, it would be best if you incorporated amla juice into your routine. Either drink it or apply it externally.

2.Skin exfoliator

Enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, amla juice works as a potent agent for skin exfoliation. It also helps to brighten your skin tone by removing the dead skin cells. Besides, it also has a tightening effect that will make your skin toned and firm.

By drinking or applying it topically, you can make the most of amla juice benefits.

3.Lightens skin

Amla is an excellent skin-lightening agent. As it is enriched with vitamin C and A, skin complexion will get brighter and lighter gradually. Mix amla juice with mashed papaya and honey. Use this face pack to make the complexion brighter and lighter.

4.Reduces scar and marks

A combination of amla juice, turmeric powder, and lemon helps reduce the marks and the blemishes.

5.Fights with skin aging

Amla contains the natural antioxidant vitamin C. It benefits your skin by retaining youthfulness. It protects the skin from the free radicals that break down the skin’s collagen. Daily consumption of amla juice is beneficial to curb the effects of premature aging, fine lines, and dark spots. Therefore, you will get supple and soft skin.

To swipe away age from your face, amla juice benefits can be reaped quickly. Combing it with aloe vera will give you the best results.

6.Cures oily skin

Treating oily skin has never been so easy. Just make a face mask consists of rose water and amla powder. 

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and yogurt with the same. Blend it and apply it to your face. Using it consistently will give you remarkable results within few weeks. 

7.Treats acne

Make amla paste and apply it to the affected area. Leave it for 20 minutes. It will help to manage the fine lines, pimples, and scarring. In addition, it acts as a natural blood purifier that keeps blemishes and spots away from your skin.

Amla benefits from hair.

Not only your skin, gooseberries, or amlas can do wonders for your hair by making it silky and smooth. This is used as an herbal treatment for preventing dandruff. Here are some of the benefits-

1.Combats with premature greying

Premature greying of hair is a sign of aging. Young people are suffering from the same, and it should be tackled seriously. You can add gooseberry apply gooseberry juice to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Being enriched with vitamin C can prevent premature greying and hair fall.

2.Acts as natural hair straightener

Do you want luscious straight hair? All right, you must have tried some of the hair streetlighting creams and machines earlier. Unfortunately, it can damage your hair. Gooseberry or amla paste can be natural hair straightener, followed by repairing the hair follicles and boosting hair growth. Add some amla juice to your scalp and leave it for 30 mins. Once it is dry, rinse it off with warm water. It will make your hair stronger and shinier.

3.Hair conditioner

Amla juice has its benefits for giving your hair a smooth and shiny finish. It would help if you mixed amla juice with henna then apply it to your scalp. Finally, wash it with warm water for extra shine and smoothness.

4.Prevents dandruff

Dandruff may let you down during the performance hours. Don’t let that happen again. Anti-dandruff shampoos are rolling on the market. However, try something natural like amla juice as it will repair the broken hair strands. In turn, your hair will get an extra layer of shine.

Some unknown facts about amla

  • The word gooseberry was associated with the “Cruises.”
  • It is covered with veins, which helps to get smooth hair.
  • Each of the gooseberry seeds has 15-30 seeds.
  • This fruit is enriched with vitamin C and minerals like manganese, calcium, and phosphorous.

Final note

Amla juice is a potent natural remedy to treat your hair and skin conditions. Each word will fall short to appreciate amla and its benefits. Medical experts and dieticians prescribe amla juice to treat several medical conditions. So what are you waiting for? Bring the wealth of good health today.

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