These 5 proven hair growth tips would increase your hair – According to a pro

hair growth tips

Maria had long hair with good hair growth tips earlier, and she always kept her hair length past her shoulders. However, due to some inclement situations, she needs to have to cut the layers. Once she combats the situation, her long hair wish makes her choose some chemical-infused products again. Therefore, it leads to breakage and build-up, gradually moving into hair loss. 

Are you doing everything possible to restore your fragile hair?

Do you want healthy hair growth that is natural-looking? 

But, what are the easiest ways to get the hair length you want? 

In this blog, we’re going to share the hair growth tips that would be conducive for you.  

Without further ado, let’s begin with main hair growth tips. 

1. Avoid hot water 

Yes, it’s true that you need to keep your hair and scalp clean, and it plays an instrumental role in healthy hair growth. However, applying the hot water directly may also dry out your scalp and the strands. You can choose a shampoo based on your scalp and hair type, and it will ultimately support healthy hair growth. 

2. Avoid using styling products.

According to the experts, regular heat styling products may damage your hair strands while hindering hair growth. You should limit using your hairdryers, straighteners, or artificial styling products. Still, if you want to use them, opt for any heat protector. Make sure you have checked the ingredients before buying the same. 

3. Use oils 

Since ancient times, oil work as a natural shine-booster for hair. This is one of the essential hair growth tips you can perform at your home. Choose those oils that are enriched with omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids. It offers nutrition to your strands as they grow. Also, it helps to limit the tangles and frizz. To get the results, apply a few drops of oil and massage the same to the scalp. You’ll get the results within a single to no time. 

hair growth tips
Main reasons for hair loss

4. Eat healthily 

Not only the cosmetic products, but a healthy diet would support hair growth too. Biotin is a supplement found on salmon, chickens, and eggs, and it could help promote healthy hair growth. As hair comprises protein, ensure you’re eating a good amount of protein with each meal like fish, dairy, tofu, etc. Fats from these foods will ensure that they are getting the required nutrients. 

5. Comb your hair gently.

Only around 10-15% of the strands on your head are in the development phase, so you can accidentally pull out some of those crucial growth-phase strands if you brush too vigorously. Take it easy. Brushing your hair should always begin at the ends and work its way up to the roots. 

Final words 

We know how much you’re concerned with your hair. Therefore, these simple tips will help you to grow healthy hair. Get back your good hair days and start flaunting with the same. Explore more hair growth tips by reading our blog.

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