How to Use Hair Serums the Right Way!

How to Use Hair Serum

Are you tired of all the roughness and dryness of your hair even after using the best shampoo and conditioner? Then, you must be skipping one of the necessary hair products- Hair Serums. 

They are your rescue to a bad hair day just; like dry shampoo can sometimes be used when your hair feels sticky or dirty, the same way hair serums are used when your hair feels dry or frizzy. ..

If you want to know more about hair serums, keep reading this blog about how to apply hair serum and use it for the best results.

Why Hair Serum?

The above questions raise many concerns that start with why itself. This post-hair wash product acts as a protective layer against heat, dust and other pollutants. Hair serums work wonders and have amino acids that are good for hair. Serums are also used; as a pre-styling hair treatment. 

It’s suitable for all hair types and is paramount for hair care. Always keep room for your hair serums in your hair care routine collections. They are quick solutions to many problems that we all face post-wash days. 

What do we love about Hair Serums?

We all love our natural hair, the only thing we don’t know is how to manage our locks. Some hair requires more effort and some just need the basic care routine. It is mostly the struggling journey for dry and rough hair as they tend to look dry more often compared to other types. 

One of our favorite feature of hair serums is that it enhances your hair the way they are. If you have curly hair, serums help in enhancing those luscious curls just the way they are; the same goes for all other types of hair. 

Pro Tip: Always consider your hair type before purchasing a serum

Steps To Ensure How to Use Hair Serum The Right Way:

  1. Apply hair serum on clean wet hair. Do not towel dry your hair.
  2. Put 1-2 drops of serum on your hand, warm it for a few seconds and then apply it evenly across your hair. Remember not to overuse the serum as it may make your hair greasy.
  3. Rub it well across your palms and then use it on your hair as you do not want to use it all on a single part of your hair.
  4. You may later want to increase a few drops if your hair looks dry.
  5. Be gentle while applying it to avoid breakage and tangling of hair.
  6. Use a comb with wide tooths as that would not entangle your hair and spread the serum from the middle to the end of your hair.
  7. Hair Serums are great for styling your hair.

Steps to Ensure What Not To Do When Using Serum

  1. Do not apply it on top of the hair, scalp and roots, as it makes it look sticky. It’s used just like a conditioner on the lengths of the hair.
  2. A big NO on unwashed hair. It will mix with dirt and other pollutants and, make your hair look greasy.
  3. Avoid using it too much, as it will make your hair oily. You can start with 1-2 drops and later increase if required.
  4. Do not apply it on dripping wet hair.
  5. Avoid excess usage of any serum, as anything in excess tends to damage things.

Why Use Hair Serum?

Serums have a plethora of benefits that fit well when chosen according to your hair type. Hair serums make your hair more manageable, smooth, and most important, frizz-free. Like every hair type is different, plenty of serums available in the market will suit you well.

Below are a few more points in detail to enlighten the better usage of hair serums: 

●       Hair Smoothening: Say No-No to frizzy hair with the anti-frizz property of hair serums that helps tame it by smoothening them. Plenty of hair care companies manufacture their serums with this property. Applying serum to hair adds a layer on them to give you that ready-to-go smooth finish.

●       Damage Protection: Yes! you all read it right there are a plethora of serums specially made to protect your hair from any damage; direct sunlight, heat caused due to styling, pollution when you are out traveling or just say in mids of traffic.The specially designed formula helps your beautiful locks stay as they are but better!

●       Reduces Hair Tangling: Imagine combing your hair or running your hands through it and getting your fingers stuck in those knots; scary isn’t it? Hair serum has got you all covered. When you use hair serum, it is less likely to have knots, making it easier to manage, comb, and even style by reducing hair breakage and making them look as beautiful as you. 

●       Gives a Glossy Look:  Thank god! for hair serums for the glossy locks! We all love those long, short, straight, curly, wavy, yet shiny hair. They enhance your overall looks and sometimes personality. Some hair serums also reflect light bringing an overall shine to your hair.

Many manufacturers designed the formula to reflect the light, bringing that awesome shine to your hair. So, enjoy using hair serums as they have so many benefits. 

Wrap up: 

Apart from chemical-based serums, some brands show concern towards our ecosystem and have discovered to keep it safe and add beauty to your hair. They also show or feature many guidelines on how to use hair serums. One such brand is Hanoor, which creates environment-friendly products for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a hair serum that is good for you and mother earth, Hanoor’s hair is a must-own product in your hair care collection.

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