Hanoor’s All New Keratin Conditioner: Get Silky & Lustrous Hair in Minutes

Hanoor Pro Keratin Conditioner

The shampoo is made to cleanse your scalp and a conditioner is meant to protect and treat your lengths. Just like your skin needs moisturizing after bath, your hair needs conditioner after hair wash. If you struggle with dry lengths and hair that breaks easily, your hair is likely lacking both hydration and strength. To treat hair fall and frizziness, you need a conditioner that works. 

Our Pro Keratine conditioner is a hair straightening system embraced with proteins and amino acids, nourishing plant oils, earth-derived butters, and humectants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 & glycerine that eliminate frizz and leave your hair soft and shiny. With added benefits of Protein & Amino Acids, it helps the protein reach your hair follicles and its pores, thereby repairing damaged hair, making them stronger and less prone to breakage.

Keratin is ruling the market in recent days. Even dermatologists are raving about the same. Why? Keratin hair conditioner benefits hair from root to tip. This wonder protein is infused in shampoos and keratins to get the best result. Hanoor’s all new Keratin Smooth Conditioner can be part of your daily hair care regimen to give you a salon-like keratin treatment.

Do you want to know more? Here we go!

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a fibrous protein that is released by keratinocytes. It is a type of cell in our body that naturally occurs in the human body. Even eating the eggs can increase the keratin amount in your hair.

Hanoor’s Keratin Conditioner

Our conditioner is braced with Keratin protein. It shapes a layer over the hair for providing the lost keratin which modifies strength and returns flexibility. Additionally, it makes your hair shinier and straighter. It will condition your hair, followed by giving it additional sparkle.

Ingredients of Hanoor’s Keratin Conditioner

1. Pro-keratin– It makes your hair smooth and silky. Additionally, it helps to smoothing and taming your hair.

2. Wheat protein– It helps to repair the damaged follicles by embedding additional proteins into the hair follicle. Additionally, it can attract moisture and water to add volume and fullness to your hair.

3. Candelilla wax- It helps to create a protective layer, that adds glow and shine to your hair.

Keratin conditioner

4. Peptide- Peptide reduces inflammation and irritation which acts as a hindrance to healthy hair growth.

5. Coconut oil- Coconut oil helps to moisturize your hair. It will prevent dry and flaky scalp, followed by preventing hair breakage.

6. Sunflower oil-It is a natural hair-lightening agent enriched with skin-enriching nutrients and anti-oxidants. It can lighten your hair.

7. Jojoba oil- Jojoba oil helps to regrow hair, followed by preventing hair loss.

8. Vitamin B5– Vitamin B5 binds with the hair follicles and seals. It is great for dry hair. Generally, it builds for a thin layer of moisture in the hair surface.

Hanoor’s Pro Keratin conditioner benefits

1. It strengthens your hair.

2. No more frizz.

3. It will prevent and repair the damage.

4. Prevents color.

Direction to use:-


Keratin Conditioner how to use

Wrapping it Up

The Keratin conditioner by hanoor will provide your hair with an extra layer of protection. Besides, it will replenish the hair followed by preventing it to dry again. Remember to use in the conditioner as per the instructions for better and long term results.  To know more about our products, visit our website today.

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